The Pitch Project is a home for contemporary art practices in Milwaukee’s Historic Walker’s Point neighborhood. Dedicated to working with artists of diverse cultural perspectives, The Pitch Project is a gallery that brings contemporary global practices and exhibitions to Milwaukee. Designated studio space in TPP is also reserved for 20 regional artists who actively show on national and international levels. The Pitch Project hosts various exhibitions, artist talks, screenings, and events. Founded by Mike Brenner, in conjunction with Brenner Brewing Company (in the adjacent building), the gallery and studios are run by its four co-directors: Brewer, Mike Brenner; and artists, Will Pergl, Sonja Thomsen, and Jason S. Yi. Brenner Brewery’s unique partnership with supporting an arts community is referenced in the name, The Pitch Project, i.e. in brewing, the act of pitching yeast is the first step of turning sugar water into beer.



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